January 2015

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Now that we have ended the year 2014 we can finally compare the end of year results to the previous year of 2013. Looking at the macro market level there was a total of 2,362 unit sales for our entire Park City multiple listing service in 2014. This was only up by 4% from 2013’s 2,265 unit sales. The total dollar volume sold in 2014 was $1.67 billion compared to $1.52 billion the previous year which gave us a 10% increase. The average selling price for the entire MLS was $672,000 in 2013 and moved up 5% to $707,004 in 2014.

So to recap for all product types in the entire Park City MLS: The quantity of units sold went up 4%, the total dollar volume sold went up 10% and the average sales price went up 5%.

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