March 2012

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We just received nearly 3 feet of snow in the last 2 days! It started out as rain which was quite upsetting for mid-March! I was at Silver Star at Park City the other day watching two families checking in for the week, and such long faces of sadness they had! I did tell them not to worry, that the rain would soon turn to snow and it would get really good, I was hoping I was correct.


I was. The rain we saw on saturday quickly turned to snow, and did not stop. Yesterday might have been good as well, but we waited until today to go up. It was amazing, probably the best day of the year. We have had a few other really great pow days, but this was quite good. Heather and I got up there right away at 9am, and did runs until about noon. We took a few on

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After 5 years of decreasing prices, and seeing some great buys come and go, we are noticing some significant changes in our market. The major changes are Declining Inventory and Multiple Offers. For a while now we have been talking a lot about trying to recognize if we are at the bottom of the market. We have known, or had a strong feeling that we were there, but pin-pointing it is tough. Often you cannot truly identify the bottom until you have passed it. We are now starting to see the Pendulum beginning to swing to the other direction.

Declining Inventory
There simply is less to choose from now in our market. Many of the distressed properties have been bought up, and many of the low priced "deals" also have been sold. Don't worry, there are still great

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