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Realtor.com recently ranked Salt Lake City No. 6 in the nation for “The Best Cities to Buy a Home Right Now.” Forbes reported on the study and stated there were a number of factors that played a part in determining how each city was evaluated and ranked.

Salt Lake received high marks for improved inventory levels, list prices and employment. Inventory is down 31 percent compared to last year, and the median list price is up 5.5 percent from last year at $195,000. The unemployment rate for Salt Lake is currently 5.9 percent. Unemployment rates, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, were factored into the rankings since jobs are a leading indicator of housing demand.

Park City, Utah, just 35 minutes up Parleys canyon is a nearby alternative to living in Salt

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Looking for a good early season ride, try out the trails at Round Valley, just on the edge of Park City.

This is one of our many recommended rides for mountain biking in Park City, Utah. We will keep doing updates on the trail conditions as the snow continues to melt. If you are ever wondering where to go, just check back on our real estate website which has much more than real estate information for Park City. As Park City realtors, we continually try to educate our visitors on all the amazing trails and recreation opportunities we enjoy every day!

Round Valley's "Somewhere Elks" Trail, looking South at Park City ski resort

Round Valley Mountain Bike Ride
Saturday, April 21, 2012
Weather: Sunny, High 60's - Absolute Perfection

I started at my home in

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Park City's winter season is now over, with all three Park City ski resorts now closed. Even though we had much less snow this year, especially compared to the ultra amazing year we had last year, it was still a lot of fun.  Instead of snow, we did get a lot of sunny days on the mountain. And although we had less snow, we still had a couple really great days, so we cannot complain too much!

If you still have the desire to get out on snow, Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird are still open. Brighton and Alta will be closing soon, while Snowbird will stay open for at least a few more weeks. Snowbird usually remains open for a couple weeks after most resorts close, and then they switch to a weekends only schedule for the remaining few weeks. They will stay open

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Where can you ski or snowboard in the morning, and then go on a great mountain bike ride in the afternoon?  Park City of course!

Its that time of year again where we get a little sad to see the winter season dwindling down, but also quite excited to see some of our great singletrack trails drying out and becoming ready to ride. A couple days ago I had a fun time taking a few cruisers on the groomers at PCMR, and a few laps in the Superpipe - still love riding that scary thing. Then went home and got a little work done (as a Realtor sometimes I can shuffle my schedule around as needed).  Then in the same day, in the afternoon, I took my bike back out, infkated the tires back up, and had a great first ride of the year out in Round Valley. Snowboarded in

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