Home Staging for Summer Selling Season

Posted by Heather Peterson on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 at 3:55pm.

Staging your home prior to listing

As the temperature in Park City heats up this month, so does the real estate buying and selling season. The luxury Park City real estate market is highly competitive and full of discerning buyers, so it’s important to maintain a leading edge by properly staging your home in advance of photographing and listing it. In many regards, a photographer is as good as his subject, and great photos of a tidy home can entice more buyers to visit it. While some buyers have the vision to look beyond the dated antler chandelier and bear sconces, your lime green entry way, and clutter in your home office, why not make it easier for them to appreciate the full potential of your home? From repainting and repairing, there are many things you can do to make your home sell faster. In fact, homes that are professionally staged sell 73% faster than their non-staged counterparts. If you want to reduce the risk of your home sitting on the market longer than necessary, look no further than our tips for staging success!

Professional staging and professional photography can create a substantial impact on how your home is viewed online – View our sample Before & After photos below!

staging master bedroom

staging master bedroom

staging sample living room

staging before sample living room

staging kitchen sample after

staging sample kitchen before

staging sample guest bedroom after

staging sample guest bedroom before

staging sample basement after

staging sample basement before


Curb appeal helps lure prospective buyers. Be sure your yard is landscaped and free of weeds, your front door has a fresh coat of paint, and you have flowers and a clean welcome mat at your doorstep. If your deck needs staining or paint is peeling on the exterior of the home, be sure to attend to those issues.


Clutter can give the impression that your home doesn’t have suitable storage. De-cluttering now saves time from doing so when you’re busy coordinating your move. And it will make your house appear more spacious. Go ahead and take this opportunity to purge old books, CDs, papers, and boxes you may have from a previous move. Chances are if you haven’t had use for those items by now, you may never need some of them. There are many local non-profits that will happily accept donated items – Park City Library, Recycle Utah, Christian Center, and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.


It should go without saying that it is absolutely essential to have a clean home. Consider professional window cleaning to optimize your view as well as carpet cleaning to eliminate any stains and odors. Chances are your buyer will opt for new carpeting or flooring, so there is no need to replace unless it’s particularly damaged or dated. And speaking of odors, if you are like most Parkites, you probably have pets. Be sure to address any smells and pet hair associated with them. It’s also advisable to remove Fido from your home for any showings and open houses. Air out your home by opening windows before potential buyers arrive and consider inoffensive air fresheners or lightly scented candles. Buyers often look everywhere, so be sure bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator, garage, and laundry room are all clean.


Neutral colors like gray, light taupe, and cream tend to appeal to most buyers and showcase your home’s attributes in the best light. If you have any colors on the extreme ends of the spectrum, consider repainting. Lighter colors will also make smaller rooms appear larger and brighter.


There is no need for remodeling in advance of selling as you may not recoup those expenses, but making any necessary repairs ahead of time is a good move. This will help your home show better and then you’ll have less to address once a buyer has it inspected. Ensure kitchen appliances are in working order and have your furnace inspected if it has been a while. After last winter’s heavy snow and strong winds, you may want to have your roof inspected as well. Replace any broken light bulbs, repair electrical outlets that are not working, and replace damaged screen windows. Do any areas of your kitchen or bathrooms need re-caulking? Performing these tasks in advance of listing saves time on negotiating as well as money.


Back to that antler chandelier! You may want to consider replacing it with something more contemporary. And have a look at your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and finishes. Do they match well? If not, consider making them consistent.


Consider removing and replacing unnecessary or tired furniture, and arrange it in a thoughtful manner to maximize the size of your living space. Many of our sellers have opted to invest in hiring a professional home stager. These professionals prepare your home to make a splash when hitting the market. They advise on furniture selection and placement, paint colors, de-cluttering, and more. Whether or not you choose to engage a home stager, whom we can gladly refer you to, following our tips can make for smooth selling with a minimal investment that can pay dividends when you close.

If you would like more information or advice on getting your home ready for selling, please give us a call.

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