Property Management Companies in Park City

If you are looking for companies who can handle rental bookings and manage your Park City or Deer Valley property, here is a list of some of the property management companies located here in Park City. There are many levels of service that each may offer to specifically meet your needs. Below we have some great information on questions you should ask when interviewing a management company for your home.

Property/Rental Management:

Park City Rental Properties
Jim Bizily

Abode Park City
Rob Alday

Silver Peak Properties
Sarah Berry & Kimber Lee

Luxury Park City Rentals
Bo Pitkin

Deer Valley Resort Lodging

Park City Lodging

Summit Sotheby's Property Management  (Long Term Rentals)
Jayme Angell
(435) 649-4994

Home Management Services:

Cold Stream Management
Tom Keller

Sea to Ski

Aspen Home Management
Richard Rockhold


Some IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask when selecting a Property Management Company for your Park City property:

• How many years has the Property Management Company been operating?
• Business hours, do they vary with different seasons?
• After hours, how are check-ins handled? How are emergency- maintenance problems handled?
• Are services sub-contracted or do you maintain a staff to handle housekeeping and maintenance services?
• Review contract in detail and understand the commission structure; i.e. is it based on gross revenue, net revenue, how are travel agent and/or credit card fees handled?
• What housekeeping and maintenance services are included; is there a fee associated?
• Understand cancellation terms and the need for honoring existing reservations.
• How often are owner statements prepared? Review a standard year-end statement to understand credits and charges.
• How do you handle advance deposits? Do you have a trust account for owner rental revenue?
• How do you market your company, and more specifically, how will you market my property?
• What are the start-up costs?
• Do you have projections so I can know what to expect in upcoming years in addition to past years’ actual revenue #s for comparable type properties.
• What can you provide to me with regards to your company’s financial strength and ability to perform?


Are you looking for Long-Term Rentals?

Coalition Management (Long Term Rentals)
(435) 649-4994

An additional source for long-term rentals would be the classified section in Park City’s newspaper, The Park Record. Here is a link the the rentals under classifieds:

Here is a resource that many may not be aware of to help those looking for rentals. It is run by the MountainLands Community Trust and they have a lot of individual long-term rental listings.

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