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The Park City School District is located in the Wasatch Mountain resort town of Park City, Summit County, Utah, 32 miles east of Salt Lake City. The majority of the county's 32,000 people reside in Park City and the surrounding unincorporated area known as the Snyderville Basin, with the school district serving 4300 students. We currently have four elementary schools housing approximately 1900 students in grades Kindergarten through 5, one middle school (grades 6 and 7) and one junior high school (grades 8 and 9), serving nearly 700 students each, and one high school with a population of approximately 970 10th through 12th graders. The district also provides an education for several high school students in an alternative school setting.

Park City School District Zoning Map

Map is subject to change, current as of January 2016.

Jeremy Ranch Elementary School
Neighborhoods include: Jeremy Ranch, Hidden Cove, Summit Park, Timberline, Upper Pinebrook, Elk Meadows, Southridge, The Trails at Jeremy Ranch, and NW of Red Hawk Trail and Red Hawk Court.

McPolin Elementary School
Neighborhoods include: Deer Valley, The Aerie, Solamere, McCleod Creek, Park Meadows, Prospector, Kearns Boulevard east of Bonanza/Monitor intersection, Old Town and Ridge View.

Parley's Park Elementary School
Neighborhoods include: Ironhorse, Aspen Springs, Albertson's (Kearns Boulevard west of Bonanza/Monitor intersection), Iron Canyon, Snow Country, Thaynes Canyon, The Colony at White Pine Canyon, The Canyons Resort area, Northshore, Southshore, Sun Peak, Silver Springs, Bear Hollow, Park West Village, Ranch Place, part of Old Ranch Road (from SR 224 to 901 Old Ranch Road), Snyder's Mill, Brook Hollow, Cottages, Cedar Ridge, Eagle Ridge, Elk Run, High Meadows, Horse Thief, Pinebrook Point, Quarry Junction and Ranch Condos.

Trailside Elementary School
Neighborhoods include: Powderwood, Kimball Junction, Spring Creek, Black Hawk, Silver Creek, Canyon Creek, Bitner Road, Goshawk Ranch, Redstone, Silver Summit, Highland Estates, Park Ridge Estates, and part of Old Ranch Road. For specific address information please call the transportation department.

Park City is a district known for its high performing students, skilled and dedicated staff, and up-to-date facilities. We aspire to provide each student an education that is as good as it gets anywhere in the nation. In June, 2006, nearly 280 seniors graduated from Park City High School, once again named Best High School in the State by the non-profit organization called Best of State. Park City High has also been named one of the top 200 schools in the nation by Newsweek magazine. Awards in academics and athletics, along with excellent programs for non-traditional students, make Park City an exemplary school district.

For updated and detailed information on all of our Park City schools and our Park City School District, visit their website at:


McPolin Elementary School
2270 Kearns Blvd.
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 645-5630 phone
(435) 645-5633 fax

Jeremy Ranch Elementary School
5060 Rasmussen Road
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 645-5670 phone
(435) 645-5675 fax

Trailside Elementary School
5700 Trailside Drive
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 645-5680 phone
(435) 645-5681 fax

Parley's Park Elementary School
1002 Silver Springs Road
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 645-5620 phone
(435) 645-5623 fax


Ecker Hill Middle School (6-7)
2465 West Kilby Road
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 645-5610 phone

Treasure Mountain Middle School (8-9)
2530 Kearns Blvd.
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 645-5640 phone
(435) 645-5644 fax

HIGH SCHOOLS Grades 10-12

Park City High School
1750 Kearns Blvd.
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 645-5650 phone
(435) 645-5658 fax


Weilenmann School of Discovery (K-8)
4237 Kilby Road
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 575-5411 phone


The Colby School (Pre-8)
P.O.Box 1147
3770 N Hwy. 224
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 655-3966 phone

Carden Christian Academy (Pre-8 )
3120 W. Pinebrook Road
Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 649-2791 phone

The Winter Sports School
P.O. Box 1998
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 649-8760 phone

Park City Education Foundation
2700 Kearns Blvd
Phone: 435-615-0235
Fax: 435-645-5609
This non-profit organization promotes excellence in Park City Schools by raising funds in order to provide top level educational programs for all students of all abilities.

Arts-Kids, Inc
Phone: 435-615-7878
Fax: 435-645-8505 / 649-7204
Arts-Kids, Inc. serves youth through the expressive arts. After-school groups are offered in Park City and county schools two times a year to selected kids, 8-12. Summer camps are open to anyone.

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