Sprucing Up for Spring

Posted by Heather Peterson on Monday, May 6th, 2019 at 8:20pm.

Jeremy Ranch home

Spring has sprung! It’s time to dust off old man winter and do some spring cleaning along with some necessary spring maintenance on your home. Winters in Park City tend to be longer and harsher due to our altitude, so when the weather is right, make yourself a checklist to ensure you get them all knocked out and avoid any potential problems. With the selling season upon us, these items are especially important if you are planning on listing your home to sell.

1. Clean gutters and down spouts.
Gutters and down spouts tend to get cluttered with debris from trees and can cause leaks in places you may not even notice. Ensure that there are no loose points along the gutters as well.

2. Examine those roof shingles.  
If you are able to comfortably access your roof, look for missing shingles or shingles that are peeling up. This can cause leaks in your roof if not addressed. Keeping your roof in good condition will help it last longer.

3. Clean and service the air conditioner or prep that swamp cooler.
Dust, dirt and pollen can collect over time, and you don’t want these allergens circulating in your home.

4. Turn your outside water on to check faucets and sprinklers.
Broken sprinkler heads, leaks and broken pipes can cause serious problems, including flooding, if not addressed. Same can be true of broken or leaky faucets.

5. Power rake and/or aerate your lawn.
This is a minimal expense that pays large dividends for your lawn. This process helps to green up your grass by allowing more water to absorb and oxygen flow.

6. Inspect driveways and pathways.
Winter can be rough on concrete. Look for any cracks and damage and schedule repairs as needed; repairing them early can save money and the need for replacement in the future.

7. Reseal any exterior woodwork, including decks.

8. Paint the exterior if needed.
Our high-altitude sun, wind, and precipitation can take a toll on our homes’ exteriors. A fresh paint job will defiantly enhance curb appeal.

9. Vacuum the refrigerator coil so it runs more efficiently.
Dust and dirt can collect on coils over time. Moving the unit away from the wall will give you easy access to the coils.

As longtime Realtors well connected to the Park City community, we have trusted contractors who can help our clients with any of these maintenance tasks. Contact us if you are considering selling your home; we’d welcome the opportunity to be of service and provide our expertise.


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