Snowmobiling at Daniels Summit near Park City Utah

Posted by Sean Matyja on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at 3:07pm.

snowmobiling near park city utah

It's that time of year again, when the ski resorts in Park City close, but we are still getting amazing snow in the higher elevations. One option to enjoy the powder is to head over for a ski day at Brighton or Snowbird. Brighton typically stays open through the third week of April, while Snowbird will run as long as there is snow - for 2019 they will probably go into June. Driving to either Brighton or Snowbird is less than an hour from Park City and is a real treat since our PC resorts have been closed for a couple weeks.


Another really fun way to enjoy the last few snow storms is to head over to Daniels Summit for a day of snowmobiling. Daniels Summit is only about 35 minutes from Park City, and with their higher elevation, when we are getting poured on with rain here in Park City, they are getting dumped on with fresh snow! Never been snowmobiling, no problem. At Daniels Summit, they have a full rental program for snowmobiles and the gear you'll need. Simply dress as if you are going skiing, and they can outfit you with the rest. If you snowboard, you can wear your snowboard boots. If you ski, you'll want to bring normal winter boots. No boots, no problem, I saw a selection of snowmobile boots at the rental shop. Rental rates were about $185.00 for a machine for a half day (4 hours), which was approximately 9AM to 1PM. We called ahead and made reservations, but at this late time of year, they had plenty of sleds available. They also have helmets for you. You can bring ski goggles, as some helmets are designed with a full face protection and shield, and some are designed to have you wear your ski goggles. Bring warm gloves, but many of the sled handles are heated. I do recommend to bring one of those face masks that is a combo neck gaiter and hat - often called a balaclava. They are typically thin, so they are easy to wear under a ski or snowmobile helmet. This will keep your face warm from the whipping wind. Also, stuff a few drinks and snacks into a backpack to bring on the trail.

snowmobiling near park city utah

The trail system at Daniels Summit is amazing, and ideal for beginners and intermediate riders. The main trail is groomed, and just off the trail you will find many play areas of hills, snow fields and open meadows. Venture out on your own, or hire a guide for a fun filled tour. We took to the trails ourselves, and easily found our way around the 25 mile groomed route. Along the way we stopped for photos and found a few super fun low angle hills of fresh snow. Having only snowmobiled a couple of times myself, I brought my 16-year-old nephew who lives in San Diego. He has never been on a snowmobile and rarely sees snow. He had no problem and quickly adapted to the machine. For myself, and especially for him, the scenery and views were just stunning. This is truly a unique experience that any Park City visitor (or local) should try and is an ideal option for a family outing.

snowmobiling near park city utah in april

Give the pros at Daniels Summit a call at 435-548-2871. They are located at 17000 US-40, about 15 minutes up from Heber City, Utah.

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