Posted by Sean Matyja on Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 3:23pm.

Skiing conditions are much better than you might think!

This sure has been a tough start for the year for all the western US ski resorts. We have been experiencing one of the slowest starts to the winter season that any of us can remember. It is especially in sharp contrast to what we enjoyed last year as one of our biggest snow years ever. If you were in Utah last year you know what I am talking about!


Normally by this time of the winter we have already had quite a few epic powder days, but this year has not been like that. We have had enough snow to be open, and with snow making capabilities the resorts have been able to get many runs open. Deer Valley and Park City have impressive abilities to create snow when mother nature does not deliver. You would be surprised at just how much is open, and just how good the conditions have been. Although we have not been having our much hoped for powder days, we have been enjoying some amazing weather. There has been no snow because of the warmer weather and no clouds. So even though we have not had a lot of snow, the weather has been so enjoyable. Bright, sunny, warm and just plain pleasant to be outside - whether skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, or even biking! Where can you ski all morning, and then go mountain biking or even golfing in the afternoon? In Park City, Utah you sure can, this year at least.

So what about the conditions up on the mountain? Well there are quite a few runs open, but mostly the nice cruising groomer runs here in Park City and Deer Valley. Over in the Cottonwood Canyons (Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude) they do have a little more natural terrain. On this side of the Wasatch you can enjoy cruising well groomed runs in the beautiful sunny warm weather. If that is the type of skiing you prefer anyway, you'll still have a great time.

The terrain park and superpipe at Park City Mountain Resort - January 07, 2012

If you are courageous enough you might want to try venturing into the terrain park or halfpipe at Park City Mountain Resort. Park City has done an amazing job building their terrain park and superpipe early in the season, blowing lots of snow at night while it has been plenty cold. The park sits at the lower elevation of the resort so in the afternoon the snow in the park softens and becomes more forgiving. There are all the big jumps of course (fun to watch these amazing kids), but there are also some great smaller features that are fairly easy to attempt. The Eaglet Park up on the ridge is the ideal place to try a few very small jumps and slider boxes. For any age, and any ability level it can be safe, easy and fun! For the skiers and boarders who ride the park often (like myself) it actually has been an amazing year, as conditions have been ideal for park and pipe.

The snow will come! This is Utah, home of "The Greatest Snow on Earth". If this were Chicago where I grew up, I would be worried, but here in Utah the snow comes every year. And when it does, it often comes with a vengeance. I'll bet sometime soon the weather will totally change and we'll probably get dumped on for 3 weeks straight and have more snow that we know what to do with!

So for now, the conditions are quite good and lots of fun. And when we do get the snow, I'll update you again with the good news!

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