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Its more than a "paint night", its a chance to take a creative risk, laugh, meet new people and get some much needed art therapy. All of that and much more can be obtained at The Paint Mixer. This week I happily sat down with Jill Johnson, the owner and Chief Creative Officer of The Paint Mixer, and we talked about why The Paint Mixer is one of the best ways to Enjoy Park City.

What inspired you to buy The Paint Mixer?
My husband Matt and I were looking to get out of corporate and start a business of our own. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, its in my blood. We were working with a broker looking at different ventures when I was contacted by Paint Mixer. They had read my profile (Jill has a background in art therapy) and asked if I would be interested in buying? I thought it was a great fit for me but did not want to get too excited because we wanted to make sure we could get the financing, but once we did, everything started to come together. And on October 4, 2016 we signed the papers, making us excited and terrified new owners.

How long has The Paint Mixer been in operation here in Park City?
About five years, we have owned it for just over a year now. The previous owner did not want to sell unless she found the right person to take it. Luckily I was the one. It has been a whirlwind of a year, but the experience has been absolutely incredible.

Tell me about those incredible experiences?
I get to see people's "Click moments" every single day ( I laughed, and asked what a "click moment" was?). A "click moment" is when you see someone, who when they got here they didn't think they had any artistic ability what so ever. Then you see them light up as they get into it and everything starts clicking for them. I get to see friends and family laughing together and breaking out of their everyday routines to create a new narrative for themselves. We have customers that are serial daters that bring their first dates here to a class, and what better way to learn about someone then putting them in a situation they are most likely not in very often, throw in a glass of wine and then you will quickly find out who you are really dating (genius idea, right?). I get to give people experiences and most of all I get to see people find their creative selves. We all have creative ability, we just set it aside most of the time in our every day lives. I get to bring that out and celebrate it.

So now I'm excited and want to get painting, tell me about your events?
We have so many to choose from, we do classes in our studio here on Main Street, and in our studio in Salt Lake. We do classes out at Whole Foods in Kimball Junction, in the Tap Room. Where you can order off their delicious menu full of food, wine, and beer. We do corporate events (they have done up to 270 people before). We do private parties, here in the studio and in your home. We have a "Van Go" (get it, like the painter Van Gogh) a van filled with all the supplies you will need for the event, and we do all the set up and clean up. And we don't just stick with paint, we do other projects like wreaths and ornaments. And we are starting a new class - Board Room, where you can make vintage looking signs. You will be putting the wood sign together, distressing it and then painting it. We are going to have different themed nights, just like our paint classes. Our first one will be vintage ski signs. And we are always looking to branch out with new ideas and experiences to make sure we are meeting everyones creative needs.

Do you do events for kids, or do you have an age limit?
Art has no age limit, we love kids. Just know under the age of 5 they are most likely just going to do their own thing which is great, and we will fully facilitate that. Our open paint nights are great for kids, It's not really until 5 or 6 years old they really get into the class side of it. Anybody and any age is always welcome here.

Learn more about The Paint Mixer and their events.


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